Enjoy Kimchi Bibim Guksu this summer

This summer, I’m determined to enjoy some cold Kimchi Bibim Guksu. That translates to cold spicy noodles with kimchi, vegetables, and other yummy fix-in’s.  That’s right. You can enjoy a cold noodle dish this summer and still experience the burning mouth sensation that kimchi will leave behind. Looking for a recipe? Search for bibim guksu (비빔국수)


Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae)

Korea Foodie by Joseph C Kim

This weekend, I can’t wait to eat some delicious Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae). 김치찌개
When you have leftover kimchi that is very fermented, you can make some yummy stew! Add some pork, tofu, rice cakes, and vegetables and you have all the ingredients for a wonderful meal.

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Get ready for ASCO 2014

At the end of May, thousands of doctors and nurses will be attending ASCO in Chicago. This year, I am eager to see what new advances and discoveries people will be excited about. ASCO is the largest cancer conference in America. Will we find a cure for more types of cancer? Will we discover new drugs and treatments that can prolong life? Will we find effective ways to prevent cancer? 

Genetics are playing a bigger role in cancer prevention and treatment. 

Cancer treatments are becoming tailored and personalized.

No one really understands

Too often, I feel like no one really understands me. They don’t know what I’m feeling or thinking. Do I even know that? What if I’m stuck? Frozen in a state of denial? Lost because I can’t find myself. I feel misunderstood. Mistaken. Do you really know me? I don’t even know myself.

Joe Kim or Joe Kimchi?

I grew up being teased. My last name was Kim. People thought of Kimchi. So, I was called Joe Kimchi. Very funny. Not.


I’m not scarred. I’m OK. After all, if I can leverage my name and have a successful kimchi company, then it’s worth it. I could say that I got the idea as a kid.

Kimchi that really burns your mouth

I’ve had some really hot and spicy kimchi over the years. I tend to avoid those really hot and spicy kimchi these days. Why? Because I don’t think they could be good for your stomach or your gut. Kimchi that burns like that has to be damaging the lining of your gut. That could result in an increased risk for stomach cancer. That could be one of the reasons why Koreans have such a high incidence of stomach cancer.

I like kimchi, but I’ll go with mild or medium now. I’ll pass on the suicide or the burning hot varieties of kimchi.

Joseph C Kim