Get ready for ASCO 2014

At the end of May, thousands of doctors and nurses will be attending ASCO in Chicago. This year, I am eager to see what new advances and discoveries people will be excited about. ASCO is the largest cancer conference in America. Will we find a cure for more types of cancer? Will we discover new drugs and treatments that can prolong life? Will we find effective ways to prevent cancer? 

Genetics are playing a bigger role in cancer prevention and treatment. 

Cancer treatments are becoming tailored and personalized.


No one really understands

Too often, I feel like no one really understands me. They don’t know what I’m feeling or thinking. Do I even know that? What if I’m stuck? Frozen in a state of denial? Lost because I can’t find myself. I feel misunderstood. Mistaken. Do you really know me? I don’t even know myself.