Kimchi that really burns your mouth

I’ve had some really hot and spicy kimchi over the years. I tend to avoid those really hot and spicy kimchi these days. Why? Because I don’t think they could be good for your stomach or your gut. Kimchi that burns like that has to be damaging the lining of your gut. That could result in an increased risk for stomach cancer. That could be one of the reasons why Koreans have such a high incidence of stomach cancer.

I like kimchi, but I’ll go with mild or medium now. I’ll pass on the suicide or the burning hot varieties of kimchi.

Joseph C Kim



Kimchi jjigae 김치찌개

What happens if you mix some kimchi, tofu, pork, vegetables, rice cakes, and other great ingredients into a hot spicy stew? You get kimchi jjigae      김치찌개

This popular disk is enjoyed by many Koreans in both cold and hot weather. Of course, it’s more popular during the cold winter monthchigaes. After all, you’ll warm up by eating this delicious hot and spicy stew!